Monday, October 02, 2006

1 month to Halloween!

Okay I'm about a day late in wishing this but i had problems getting online yesterday.

The day started out with beer and sausages at Jarrod & Rawlins with Sin Cyn and a very stoned Logan. Stoned on lack of sleep .... i think.

Then Starbucks Plaza Mont Kiara with Patrick who taught me the basic of Photoshop. Thanks to him, I'm almost done with my Halloween party invitation card! It's so complicated to learn but the end result is so fun. Patrick, I'm still waiting for the headline! Mr Art Director can play copywriter too!

Then we walked around the Sunday market where i bought a pair of nerdy but cool looking specs. But the plastic, even tho it had no power, gave me a headache. Guess i can only wear it for short periods at a go when i wanna look nerdy. Yes i can look like a nerdy little good girl if i wanted to. We ended up in Marmalade across the street which is a kid and dog friendly place.

Had scones and spent the rest of the time drawing and colouring with the art stuff provided there. Marmalade even hung my drawing up on the wall! :D

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