Monday, October 30, 2006

What Revelation Revealed

Saturday 28th October 2006

The rave of the year is finally here! Drove down with PsychoWhenDrunk Raj to meet the rest of the gang.

We started drinking in the room and as you can see, was a whole lot of fun.

2 ppl puked even before we left the room to head to the rave before 11pm .... ..i won't mention names....

Marsupial & Random kevin locked out at the balcony
PsychoWhenDrunk Raj not drunk yet
PWD Raj drunk
PWD Raj shows us he's not drunk and that he can balance on his head. Don't know if Finnish Asun was trying to knock him over.
No clue what PWD Raj is trying to do to Blue-Eyed Kim or why Randon Kevin was in cahoots.

Don't have that many pics cos everyone was snapping each other. Send them over guys so i can post them up!

And notice that all the pics were taken in the room. Why? Cos Revelation revealed that:
- Naughy by Nature didn't show and most of us went esp for them
- they only served beers so our high couldn't be maintained
- network was so congested that we lost part of the group and couldn't contact then for a few hours
- and the event CLOSED AT 1AM! Apparently the authorities came to shut it down and didn't give any reason to the organizers (but we all know why, don't we?)

So at 1am sharp, we all walked back to the condo which was like miles and miles away. I'm sure it was miles away if the A Famosa area spans 520 hectres and the condo was on the opposite end from the rave.

Made it back, mood was ruined so everyone eventually went to sleep. Didn't even have the mood to drink some more.

What a party. Sad to say that i had more fun at the Hotlink party a few months ago, also held at the same venue.

Apprehensive about Revelation 5 next year.

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