Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Lim Kit Siang!

Now that Lim Kit Siang is a ‘friend’ on my Facebook, I know that it’s his birthday! Happy birthday Uncle Lim!

And now that we’re ‘friends’, I’ve been reading his blog and he seems to have so many supporters. And they’re all really passionate and ready to give their time and money to DAP.

Among my peers, most of us have been quite blasé about Malaysian politics. That is, until lately. I’m not sure if it’s due to our age that we feel we’re adults now and should excursive or right to vote. Or because we know BN is screwing things up. Or because the ethnic minorities are feeling more discrimination than usual.

No one I know is going to vote for BN in the coming elections on 8th March 2008. The general sentiment is to vote for anyone but BN so that they do not get 2/3 majority. While they will still win due to certain things which they do, a lot of people are trying not to let them win as much as they’re used to.

BN needs to know that they have slacked and that the rakyat knows it too. Sometimes their slacking off is so apparent, it’s laughable. But unfortunately that's our country for you.

I don’t know much about Malaysian politics but I’m starting to learn more.

And it all started by me petting Lim Kit Siang’s Fluff Friend!


aruri said...

Same here. No one I know wants to vote for BN. Thanks to Internet and LimKitSiang, JeffOoi, malaysia-today, malaysiakini websites, the educated society is learning about many things that are not in the mainstream media which hides a lot of scheming gov agendas. Some things that are said by BN, gosh, they just make my blood boil sometimes. Well, it's going to be an exciting poll. I feel it's almost like a sudden transition from 'sleeping' to being 'awaken'. Let's vote!

Bubbles said...

It's going to be exciting times ahead for this country! Hopefully the coming elections will jolt the current government out of it's sleepiness and tidak apa-ness.