Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday Marsupial

Marsupial turned 29 yesterday and we celebrated with drinks at Pulse Ultra Club. Yes I went clubbing on a Tuesday and in the city too. Clubbing till late on a working weekday night was the norm up to about a year ago before my retirement from the clubbing scene. But it’s all good, for my Marsupial and for the band. We love the band, Common Culture, whose band members are from all over the world from London to Trinidad to South Africa. They really know how to rock the crowd and for once, the people were cheering for the band to come on instead of the DJ. And they pay good R&B and Hip Hop which is what Marsupial and I love.

We may have known each other for only 6 years but it seems like we go way back. We’ve had great times together and seen each other through a few phases in life. We’ve laughed, clubbed, puked, pondered, pushed, hugged, partied, smoked, stoned, danced, shouted, challenged and drove each other. We may not see each other as we did before but I know he’s got my back and I’ve got his.

Enjoy the last year of your 20s Marsupial. But not to worry for your 30s will be your best decade yet!

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