Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nose - Really Bad Quality Shoes

After the crazy shoe shopping yesterday which made me so happy and excited, of course I wanted to wear at least one pair of them to work today!

I did and when I got to work, my shoes were making clackity sounds. Well, one side of it anyway. I look off the shoe, inspected the heel and as suspected, the little black rubbery bit at the bottom of the heel came off. This is one of the most common problems with shoes.

I know that Vincci and Nose shoes are the buy-and-throw-away type of shoes but it should last for at least more than one day! Slutty Cheryl and I were just saying that the quality of Nose shoes are slightly better than the quality of Vincci shoes!

I called them up to complain. They merely said that I can bring the shoe back and they won’t replace it but will send it to their workshop instead and it will take 2 weeks to repair! It’s a RM55 pair of shoes. Is it really worth the hassle of going to 1U, finding parking, dropping it off then taking the effort to go there again to pick it up?

I’m disappointed in Nose. Even if their shoes are not that durable, they should not break at the first wear. And even if they do, they should replace the shoe and not inconvenience the customer.

Nose. Another brand I’m not happy with.


Anonymous said... nose heel hving the same problem as yrs.
first the left hand side black thing came out first then when i continue walk the other side dropped out as well..
and and the my foot is so dirty,cause the surface is start peeling.

Bubbles said...

Yeah ... that's why I call them throw-away-shoes.... even tho they are getting a lil more expensive now. Diaapointing, eh? Guess it's better to pay a bit more for slighly better quality.