Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crappy Food at Thai Express

Michelle Who Stays on the Sea Shore, Sin Cyn and I had about the WORST meal we could every remember at lunch today!

We went to the Curve as we each had various things to do. Sin Cyn wanted something spicy so we settled on Thai Express at the Eastern Courtyard of the Curve.

When we sat down, we noticed that the menu has changed and the price increased slightly. But we remembered that food was good the last few times we dined there albeit that was more than 6 months ago. So we ordered anyway.

Sin Cyn & I had the phad thai and Shell has tang hoon in tom yum soup. We order fish cakes to share and each had a iced lemongrass drink.

The first thing which alerted us to something being wrong was the first sip of the lemon grass drink. It was so artificial, watery and definitely from cordial. When our phad thais arrived, one plate had a lot more noodles than the other so Sin Cyn and I had to apportioned it among ourselves. Shell’s soup was watery and didn’t taste like tom yum. And after the main course arrived, the fish cakes were brought to our table which was another disappointment. It was soft and lumpy and all we tasted was flour instead of fish.

And to top it all off, our meal cost is RM85! That’s really expensive for really crap food!

We’re writing Thai Express off our makan places from now on.

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