Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MPH Sale, Bruce Lee & Shoes

The MPH sale is on!

There’s a 10% discount store wide for non-members. Members get 15% off. There’s also a Members’ Corner where selected titles are going from 30% - 40% discount. And for only 3 days (I think it’s today, tomorrow and Friday), MPH members get a further 5% discount on top of whatever discounts which they get based on the books they choose.

Sin Cyn and I were at the MPH at 1U at lunch today and we bought books. But of course … it’s hard to walk into a book shop and not walk out with any books. In my case, it was 3 books. I bought these:

- The Dragon and The Tiger

- Bruce Lee Fighting Spirit

- A Passion for Shoes

The first 2 is because I LOVE Bruce Lee! He’s really The Man. And I maintain that his death is a conspiracy. Maybe I can pick up some Jeet Kun Do tips and carry on his tradition. I love Bruce Lee! So intense. So powerful. So stylish. So full of character. So deep. Okay I’m swooning.

The other thing that makes me swoon are shoes, as it is with half of the earth’s population who don’t live in the outback. Before stepping into MPH, Sin Cyn and I were at Nine West because they too were having a sale. 50% off 30 different styles of shoes, out of which I liked about 8 of them. But anyway Sin Cyn and I made a pact. We’re not allowed to buy any more shoes till April 2008! So we stuck to the pact!

I guess buying a book about shoes is some sort of consolation. It’s a nice book though! It’s small and has gorgeous shoes in it and it explains why women go mad about shoes and why women need that many pairs. It’s a great way to justify to ourselves. Even though we know they are true, we sometimes need someone else to remind us. This is a great book for girls to buy for their boyfriends and husbands in an attempt to make them understand women’s relationship with shoes.

Books and shoes. I don’t really shop but shopping for these 2 items do make me loose track of time.

It’s not too bad ….. at I don’t have a weakness for jewelery!

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