Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We Started Out With 100 Guests

I met up with Melvin Tennis Star for lunch today.

Since he is planning his wedding and is feeling stressed with the planning and I’m going through the exact same thing, we decided to meet up and bitch about it. From our conversation, I’ve learn one thing.

When it comes to weddings, all parents are LIARS!

When the engagement happens and the wedding planning commences, the bride and groom will usually ask both sides of the parents what they want, need and expect.

And the standard answer is:

“It’s about the 2 of you. It’s your day. Do what you like”.

“As long as the both of you are happy, we’re happy”.

“It’s your wedding. We’re only here to support you”.

Paul and I started out wanting to invite 100 close friends and relatives. We started planning our guest list and at the same time, also asked both our parents for their list, reminding them to keep it small.

Paul’s parents came back with their list. They wanted 17 tables. That means 170 guests! And this was the minimum and cut down numbers.

My parents did not respond yet but if Paul’s parents want 17 tables, my parents should have the same amount too. This meant we now have 34 tables and that’s not including our friends yet. But we gathered that out of that figure, some won’t be able to make it so we should end up with a little over 300 guests.

Due to the big numbers, we first approached the various 5 start hotels even though we really didn’t want a typical hotel set up. Anyway none of them were available on 18th Oct except Westin but their tables cost about RM1,800 each. If we add alcohol and corkage, the cost would be more than RM200 per person. All parties agreed that it was way too expensive so we started looking for Chinese restaurants. I really didn’t want one of those low end restaurants with holey bright red table cloths so we looked at Ming Room, Noble House and Flower Drum. We finally settled on Flower Drum. But they asked us to take 40 tables instead in order to secure the entire banquet hall to ourselves.

By then it was getting too Chinese Wedding Banquetish for me and I still really wanted my cocktail party. So my mum asked me to go ahead and do the cocktails too.

Then my dad says that he lives in JB and his friends are there so he wants to host one there.

Not to forget we’ve also got the tea ceremony and brunch session.

In conclusion, we started off with 100 guests ………………. and ended up with 4 wedding session with a total of 700 guests.

Parents are liars.


Zoe said...

I think I'm lucky enough to have really easy going parents. We wanted 30tables but then able to cut down to 22tables at last. And mine is simple enough. And that was tired enough to have a simple wedding.
If really no agreement among everyone, the paymaster have the last word, just to save all the hustles.

Bubbles said...

In my case it's precisely because there's no agreement that's why there are 3 paymasters for 4 separate weddings. So gotta take all their opinions into consideration.

But I'm also quite stubborn. I still want my dream wedding and luckily my mum has the same vision as me. We both want a cocktail garden setting to be celebrated by close friends and very close family.

Things are finally falling into place. I'll be posting up an update soon. I'm much happier and less frustrated now. :)