Monday, March 10, 2008

BN Is Humbled

And the opposition wins! But who knew that it would be such a big win? The loss of 5 states by BN was a total shocker. So was the loss of Sharizat, Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Koon! Regarding Samy, the people wanted him out for the longest time and he refused. So it’s really time to go. Was past the due date actually.

Certain members of the nation are really upset. But the younger people in urban centres are jubilant. This is unpresidented. BN who has been the ruling party for more than 50 years have been slacking and no longer care about what the people have to say. There were a few individuals who really did help the community and is loved by the people. But unfortunately they were with BN and sentiments regarding BN are at an all time low. Well the people have spoken. Power to the people!

It’s an exciting yet scary time. The 3 opposition parties have different manifestos especially DAP and PAS. How would they be able to work together? All we have known all our lives is BN’s rule. And we know we don’t like it. While we don’t know how the opposition will fare, we do know that the party in whom we trusted for the past 50 years has let us down. So it’s time to hand over the reigns. I just hope that DAP, PKR and PAS are able to work it out among themselves and fix the issues which BN couldn’t and bring Malaysia to greater glory (without wasting our hard earned money on whimsical stuff).

The stock market is down 70 over points and has been suspended. UMNO is having an emergency meeting.

Real issues need to be fixed and fast. I just hope that peace will be maintained.

Keep safe and let’s see what happened in the next few weeks.

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