Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wedding Venue, Hair & Make Up Sorted. Wedding Theme?

Wedding plans are finally falling into place. I mean specifically the cocktail wedding. Hehehe. Gotta be very specific when I blog about the wedding. Or should I say weddings.

I spoke to over a dozen venues and they are either too small to accommodate the number of guests I want, bad service, not a conducive layout for a wedding, too far away, in a remote location, not good food or too expensive. It’s been 2 months since I started looking for a location and I was ready to tear my hair out.

I found Courtyard Garden to be the best venue in terms of location, availability of valet and parking lots, spaciousness, the ambience (it looks good as it is and will need less decor and flowers to transform it to a truly magical place) and price. However, the person in charge of events was always MIA and took a week to get back to me with answers to my questions. And they won’t let me bring in barrels of beer despite me willing to pay corkage. GAB is going to sponsor the beer and if I can’t bring it in, what am I going to do with a few barrels of beer. Not to mention I’ll need to buy from Courtyard which always costs a lot more money than bringing your own.

So I prayed and I prayed asking God to please open some doors and let me find a perfect location to hold the wedding of my dreams.

And wala! Yesterday I called Courtyard again and the guy not only responded but was incredibly helpful and pleasant. And he even agreed to allow me to bring in the beer barrels.

So we have a winner! Courtyard Garden it is! Finally! I’m so glad. It’s such a load off my mind. Now that I have the location, I can start planning the flowers, d├ęcor, finalize the guest list, plan the seating arrangement, go for food tasting and choose the menus, design the back drop, brief the videographer and photographer, pick the music which suits the theme and talk to the DJ, preview a few jazz bands or string quartets, decide on a theme … now the fun bits start!

And the other good news is that A Cut Above will be sponsoring my hair & make up. That’s another RM1,500 saved! It’s good to have good friends (and have a mother who is good friends with people in high places).

I was just thinking about the theme. Since it’s going to be in a garden setting and my cocktail dress is soft and flowy, the theme can be Garden Fairies! For the girls anyway. The guys can be elfs (or gnomes) ROTFLMAO!


The Faux Fashionista said...

How about leprechauns? In green tights? ROFL!!!

I'm going through your wedding posts one by one since I read your reply about Jimmy Choo ;)

Bubbles said...

Yup! That is one option, if the guys are willing to do that. And u know how Malaysians are, especially the guys. They cringe at costumes and fancy dresses.

Hope u enjoy reading the rest of the blog. :)