Monday, April 14, 2008

Ashley Does Brazil(ian)

On Saturday, Ashley proved that he’s a man of his word (finally! Or we'll be calling him Pussy Ashley from now).

It all started much earlier in the year when Ashley made a bet with Paul. Ashley said that from the period of January to June 2008, he would not drink any alcohol as long as he’s in Klang Valley or Selangor. Since he runs a travel agency and is overseas a lot, he probably thought he could get away with it. A month and a bit into the betting period, during CNY, Ashley drank alcohol.

So after 2 months of teasing, pushing, threats and nagging on Facebook for the whole world to read, he finally agreed to fulfill his part of the deal.

Last Saturday, a few of us met at Strip Bangsar and Ashley went in for his Brazlian wax.

At first he tried to cheat and went there earlier than his appointment time so that we won’t hear his screams, I’m guessing. Anyway by the time we got there, he only did a bikini wax which wasn’t the deal at all! So he went back in for a full Brazilian and he even got a pattern done.

Way to go Ashley!

For the guys who are interested in a Brazilian, yes it will hurt like f*** but according to Ashley, it’s worth it and he’s feeling smooth like silk down there. Hahaha!

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