Friday, April 25, 2008

L'Oreal Consumer Products Warehouse Sale 24-25 April 2008

For those who are planning to go for the L’Oreal Consumer Products warehouse sale at the Hamodal Building today, it’s the last day! But really, don’t bother. Sin Cyn, Michelle Who Stays On The Seashore and I went after lunch yesterday. We had to drive up and down the road several times to find a parking amidst massive traffic jams and in the end had to double park.

We went up, took out our wallets, mobile phone and other valuables, stuffed them into our pockets and checked our hand bag in at the counter. We walked in and there wasn’t a lot of stuff left! And this was just 4 hours after the sale started. There were no more shampoos except for the L’Oreal Elseve Multi Vitamins. And there were no more men’s products either. Guess it’s not too surprising because we saw people carrying carton boxes of purchases out when we were leaving.

So we ended up buying some lip glass, some moisturisers, some mascara and headed back to the office.

I always wondered why some companies like cosmetics have warehouse sales when their products are perfectly fine and probably just one year old from manufacture date. And since these products usually have a 2 year shelf life, they are perfectly fine and can be bought at a 30% to 50% discounts!

In Cyn tells me it’s ‘cos L’Oreal has a policy that any product not sold after a period of time is either destroyed or sold. A pretty good policy to me!

Anyway the L’Oreal sale at the second half of the year apparently is much better. Look out for the next one then!


Ode said...

Hello, have to say, I'm reading your blog with great interest especially regarding your upcoming wedding plans. Sounds so fun and lavish, and I like reading about the details and planning. I'm getting married in November and last weekend I bought my wedding dress off the rack (very impulsive...perhaps like your shoes) but it was a gorgeous silk greecian styled dress that I won't have to lose much weight to look good in ;) I hope I don't see something els by November, so I'm not going to any dress shops. cheers and do tell about your dress when you get it.

Bubbles said...

When it comes to dresses, when it's the right one, you just know that it's the right one so a bride has a right to be impulsive :)

My dresses for all 3 weddings are sponsored by Annie Wong Couture. I have one white wedding dress that has a lace halter top, a see through bodice and an A line skirt. Not a very conventional wedding dress but I did want it to be different. I've also got a purple cheongsam for the Chinese dinner, 1 flowy dress for the cocktails and I haven't even picked out the dress for the 3rd wedding yet. Hahaha!

I can't only describe the dresses to you now. No pics till the wedding. Don't wanna give the surprise away :)