Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vegetarian Wednesdays - Week 2

Today marks my second week of Vegetarian Wednesdays. And I must say that it’s really not that bad. To turn fully vegetarian will be too drastic and my body will be in shock. I may even kill a pig with my bare hands to get to my bacon! But being a vegetarian is a long term plan and I’m doing pretty well. So far on Vegetarian Wednesdays I still eat seafood with the other vegetables / grains / roots / mushrooms. Eventually I’ll cut out all meat on Vegetarian Wednesdays. And then I’ll add on another vegetarian day and then another day and maybe I’ll be full vegetarian in 10 years time!

Today for lunch Sin Cyn and I went to Genki Sushi and we ordered a dish neither of us had before. It was a bowl of vinegared rice, pickles, crab stick, egg, smoked salmon & salmon in some kinda pasty salmon cream thing. For Genki Sushi, it was extremely yummy and we’re definitely going back there for more. RM13.80 a bowl only. And it comes with miso soup too though that’s nothing to shout about. But still very yummy.

I’ve told my Future MIL about very Vegetarian Wednesday and she’s been very encouraging. She’s even asked me to try to get Paul to do it but I think that’ll take more than 10 years. She’s cooking dinner tonight. In fact, she’s cooking right now so I’m going to leave the office now and head home. See ya!

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