Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shopping in Nine West & Lunching at Cova

Nine West is one sale! In fact nearly every shop in all the malls are on sale. When I saw the words “Final Sale” on the Nine West window, my legs automatically walked in that direction. I should know better never to walk into a Nine West store especially when it’s shouting SALE! But too late to put on the blinkers now. In I walked and out I walked with a gorgeous pair of black heels with a black flower at the tip. Have a look. Isn’t this shoe to die for?

In my excitement of paying for it so that I could bring it out of the shop and owning it, I bought a size too tight.

So today I had to go back to The Gardens to return it for the size with the better fit. Since we were there, Sin Cyn and I had lunch at Cova. Looked so nice but have not been in there before.

We ordered a sampler which consisted of chicken wings, crab cakes and fish bites (I’m saying bites instead of fingers cos they’re tiny), an aglio olio spaghetti and a potato with dipping sauce.

The fish in the sampler was really nice. The chicken wings’ batter was nice and light but the crab cakes were nothing to shout about.

The spaghetti was excellent. Light and al denta. I don’t understand why most places can’t do their pasta al dante! It’s the fundamentals of a pasta dish yet its often was too soft and soggy.

The potato was okay. Some pieces had a nice hard and almost crunchy consistency. But other pieces were just mushy to the bite.

Service wasn’t fantastic though. Sin Cyn was seated on my left. The waitress stood at the right side of Sin Cyn to place the utensils but then reached across the table and across me too to place the utensils on my right.

We’ll definitely go back there again. For the spaghetti at least.

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