Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ikea Member's Sale

After many years of walking up and down Ikea following the path indicated by the bright yellow arrows on the floor and leaving Ikea with some bright yellow batteries, 4 vanilla scented candles, a picture frame of 3 grey pebbles and half a dozen of curry puffs even though I didn’t meant to, I’ll finally be shopping there and making a purchase totaling more than RM1,000 on a single receipt.

Yes I know I’m excited about spending money. It is strange. I understand that. But I also have this immense love for Ikea which I don’t understand. I could walk about for a few hours and be totally entertained going from the living rooms all the way to the check out counters. I feel like a kid in a humongous play area. There’s nothing you can’t touch, open, sit in, roll around on or bounce about on. Except that they now seal off the ladder on the double decker kids beds. I used to climb up there for a nap when I’m tired after walking about. These days I just sleep on any bed which looks the most comfortable and ignore the stares.

And I love their branding and marketing strategy. Ingvar Kamprad is a genius, whether he started out trying to achieve that or not.

Ikea’s member’s sale started today at 7am and would last till 10am before it was open to the public. Sin Cyn and I didn’t want to be too kiasu and be one of those people who are waiting outside the store before it even opens. So we arrived at 7.30am and were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t too crowded.

We knew exactly what we wanted but the bright yellow tags with the 3 “!!!” indicated special sale items constantly pulled us away from our original path.

In the end I picked up 3 beige stone coloured tea light holders which I’ve wanted for ages. I also put into the shopping cart 2 rectangular sand blasted glass reading lamps which comes in a pair, one big and one small, which I’ve also wanted since the last time I saw it but Paul said not to buy yet. They were only RM59! TWO lamps made of really heavy glass that’s mouth blown (is that what the process is called?). How worth it is that? The 2 duvet covers which I’ve been eyeing for 1 year were also on sale. The exact 2 which I wanted in the exact colours. How could I not get it?

Those were the smaller and easier to carry items. They are now waiting for me in the car waiting for me to transport them to their new home.

I’m bringing Paul back tonight to buy the bigger items. The Hopen bed is on sale but we’re buying the Malm bed instead. In clear lacquered birch veneer (the pic shows the bed in medium brown). This is a bed I’ve been eying for 5 years! It’s so gorgeous!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the Malm design even though they may not buy it for various reasons. We’re also going to buy the book shelf cum storage area, also from the Malm range, which sits at the back of the headboard. The sides can be pulled out and made into side tables.

A new bed and 2 new duvet sets. I’m a very happy bunny!

I also want another Billy bookcase since it now comes in bright red. Billy is one of Ikea’s best selling book cases! We’re also going to get a Ronnskar mirror and matching shelf for the bathroom. Now that Paul and I are moving in together and we finally have a place to ourselves, these purchases are totally justified!

The Hopen chest of drawers may not be justified but it’s on sale! And I want the Expedit even though it’s not on sale.

Can’t wait to go back tonight!


Ally said...

You can instantly smell IKEA when you approach their showrooms right! I love getting stuffs from there because they always match! Hehehe, glad I found someone who has that eccentric obsession abt IKEA like me. Angeline Chan Ju Lee and Ker Hui use to tease me that I memorize their bar code numbers...hahha.

Bubbles said...

Gosh! I'm so glad you feel the same! I do have a few friends here who are as Ikea mad as I am but I'm always keen to know that we're not alone and there's many of us out there. I can't explain my love for Ikea. All i know there EVERY trip to Ikea is a fantastic day out for me. I spent more than RM2,000 at Ikea yesterday. And they're delivering the items tomorrow morning! I can't wait! What items do you have? Which are your favourite? I love the Malm, Poang, Expedit and Billy best.

Fieran said...

I love Ikea. Their price is so reasonable here in Norway. Stuff there is like half the price compared to other interior stores. I also like how they think of everything - how to organize your kitchen, your wardrobe, your shoe cupboard. Their quilt covers are so vibrant and comfortable too. The owner is a genius!

Bubbles said...

I love that there are so many Ikea lovers and to know that we all feel the same passion for the brand, the products and the company. The products aren't always cheap here but some are and it just makes you go into shock and buy a dozen of it. Hahaha! And yes I love the duvet covers too!