Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Short Trip to Cherating

Paul & I were so stressed out with the wedding planning and the house moving that we just needed a break. So we went to Cherating for 4 days. That was 2 ½ weeks ago.

But as soon as we got back to KL, the running around not only continued but the list grew even longer.

Nevertheless it was a nice break while we were there. I left behind my To Do list and brought my bikini and beach towel in it's place.

We chose Cherating because it was the closest beach from KL by car and it’s not Port Dickson which is still horrible and dirty no matter what the time share marketers tell you about clean up and conservation efforts.

The lovely traffic free drive on the East Coast Highway.

After driving round to the various hotels like Best Western, Legend, Holiday Villa, Ranting Chalets, Swiaa Garden and more, we settled on Impiana Hotel in Cherating because it was the most value for money and one of the better looking ones. It’s about 15 years old and needs a new coat of paint and some maintenance but the service of the staff was really good, friendly and attentive.

The beach is usually totally empty except for one or 2 couples. Total bliss to have the place to ourselves!

Paul caught a crab and put it in my turtle bucket. Then he built a sandcastle and stepped on my sand turtle!

Trenton the Turtle looks at the different species of turtles and says hi to one of his cousins.

The monkeys watching me watching them every time we come into or leave the hotel grounds.

They have really REALLY huge sign boards in Cherating. Probably because people tend to fall asleep while driving due to the non existence of traffic.

Gotta go. Gotta pick up the laundry, check on manicure & pedicure package, buy more material to add on to the wedding dress and meet my mum’s friends from the UK for dinner.

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