Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pre Wedding Photography Shoot

It was a rather cloudy Monday sky and it was hazy too. Not the type of weather I was hoping for despite my praying every night for the past 1 month. But it all worked out for the best. Eric the photographer told us that sunny days mean that light is inconsistent and it may not be the best for outdoor shooting. The cloudy weather also allowed us to walk around and take more shots without being too hot and tired out, if we had sun.

Conclusion: Slightly cloudy days are better for outdoor shoots than extra bright sunny days.

Not to mention the wind which was billowing made for some really beautiful and natural shots especially those with my veil flying.

Our day started at 6am. We woke, showered, had a light bite and went to Paul’s house where the shoot was to take place. The make up artist arrived at 7am and started doing my hair & make up. Eric from Talking Pictures arrived at 9am and we were ready to shoot.

It was all very awkward at first but Eric really put us at ease and brought out the best in us for every photo. There was a lot of laughing and smiling and it’s true that it’s very tiring. But it was a lot of fun. The situations were simulated but the emotions were all real.

We were supposed to shoot for 2 to 3 hours as per the norm for an outdoor shoot. Eric found many interesting angles and we were going from the lobby to the entrance to the pool to the garden. For one shot, Paul and I went up to the garden on the 5th floor of the car park while Eric was on the ground floor shooting up at us. The purpose of that shot was to capture us at that certain angle with my veil flying in the wind. While we looked down, my make up artist was crouching behind the pillar and throwing my 14 feet long veil off the building. I’ve not seen the shots yet but I sure hope that Eric caught the right one. When dealing with nature like the sun and the wind, we don’t have much say.

But I have to say that the elements were in our favour that day.

We took so many shots, in so many locations within the condo area with 3 changes of dresses and hair styles on my part. And what's important is that we had so much fun in the process. So much so that we shot for 7 hours! We even shot through lunch without realizing it.

Here are some preview pictures. I was badgering Eric to send them to me as soon as we were done with the shoot because I wanted to have a look at them. So he sent a few, just as an appetizer while he edited and corrected the rest of the shots.

When Eric sent them today, I think he did a really good job. He then called me and asked if I liked them and I said I did, very much. He then proceeded to say “Good. Cos those were the bad shots!”. Hahahaha! If those were bad, I can’t wait to see the final touched up shots which Eric will be showing us in a day or 2.

For now, here are a few shots for you to preview. The rest will be posted up once I get my hands on them.


Mirebella said...

Gorgeous! Love the pics :). Not your typical potrait shots :)

Bubbles said...

Thank you! Ya was trying to achieve different types of wedding shots rather than the typical ones or the studio shots. Stay posted for the actual pics. I can't wait to see them either. The photographer is keeping me in anticipation!

Iris said...

I Love you your gown! Its pretty:) Photos are bvery nice taken too:)

Bubbles said...

Thank you so much Iris!

c|owNo said...

i like the veil thing. rapunzel... rapunzel? i wanna c the other shots...

Bubbles said...

The veil thing huh? Hahaha! Yup I love that shot too. One of my favourite shots from the total of 1400+ shots taken. The pics are being viewed and shortlisted. Will be posting them up soon :D

The Godfather said...

nice shots

Bubbles said...

Thank u godfather!