Thursday, July 03, 2008

Which Wedding Florist?

Most of the main sponsors and vendors for the wedding has been confirmed. I’m still looking and need to confirm suppliers for the smaller items such as the canopy, the fairy lights, someone to climb the big tree to hang the fairy lights and birds (yes, birds … I’ll tell you more about them if I decide to have them at the wedding).

The only main vendor which I’m nervous about not confirming yet is the florist. I truly don’t understand why florists can take a few months to come up with a quote.

I’ve received the quote from Ray Tan Art. I thought of them first because Ray Tan is part owner of Passion Road. But they are really expensive and they suggested that I rent some of the stands and propos from them. But after sourcing around myself, the rental of the items are about half the cost of actually purchasing it!

Mng Bouquets was recommended by some friends. Also, I often see the florist shop when I have dinner in Plaza Damas. Mng is lovely and I often pop in and have a chat or play with his cats. His flowers can stop you in your tracks literally. Once, I walked passed the opening of a new store in a mall. As usual, flowers on stands lined the entrance of the store. I was looking at them all when this one arrangement made me go “wow”. Upon looking closer and reading the card, it was from Mng Bouquets! This flowers are truly breath taking.But after 2 months and me constantly chasing him, I still don’t have the quote.

I also went to see Valerie of As You Like It Flowers. Several people in my agency use their services. And once, when I needed to buy a bouquet of flowers, I went to the shop and instead of asking me what kind of flowers I wanted, Val asked me to describe the person instead. From there, she picked the right flowers to suit that personality and the final outcome was – flowers that could not have suited the person any better!

As You Like It are suggesting red roses, green eustomas, white lilies, red berries and trailing ivy as my wedding flowers. And they even gave some picture references.

I’m off to dinner now and to scrutinize their quote. Hope to be able to confirm a florist soon. Then I can go into the intrinsic details with each vendor.


Ally said...

Flowers are the integral part of your fairy wedding... happy selecting!

Bubbles said...

They are indeed. And fruits too! And a sprinkling of fairy dust!

Ally said...

Gosh! So nostalgic! The fairy dust or .... dust (I can't remember what we used to call them in school back then!) will just add the magical feel! Ooo I can't wait!

Bubbles said...

I think it was called gold dust .... no matter what the colour actually is! Hahaha! Yes it's going to be fantastic! Just hope that I make it to the wedding and haven't gone totally insane with the running round, planning and execution!