Friday, June 27, 2008

Custom Made Green & Yellow Fairy Wings

I’ve been in correspondence with Lisa of regarding fairy wings for the Fairy Wedding. After some discussions on the wings I’m looking for, she custom made a pair, to fit the exact colour of my dress. So you now know the colour of my fairy dress too!

My wedding planner is very excited about the wings too and has insisted that she makes me one pair also. It’s hard enough getting the sheer and stretchy fabric here. What more to get the right colours to match the fairy dress. So I’ve asked her to make one in white. That will match my bridal gown.

But looking at the green and yellow wings, they are just too beautiful and I can’t resist!

I just ordered them today and they should be arriving in 10 days time. I can’t wait!

So I should have 2 pairs of wings for my 2 dresses during the photo shoot in 3 weeks time.


Ally said...

Oh my! They are gorgeous!

Bubbles said...

They are, aren't they? They took my breath away when I laid my eyes on them. Can't wait to receive the actual wings via the post! Should be here in 10 days time.