Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fairy Wings Online

The theme is The Secret Garden of the Fairies and I’m so excited to be a fairy bride with my fairy brides maids!

Patricia Wedding Planner has advised that she’s done up the frame work for the fairy wings but has problems finding the soft stretchy see-thought material to make the wings.

I’ve seen loads of fairy wings design on the net but this time I looked for sites where I could purchase them. There were a few but most of them were from the States and the wings averaged more than USD100. Once I convert it to Ringgit Malaysia, that’s a lot of money for something I’m only going to wear once, even if it is for a once in a life time wedding. After looking some more, I found

They have lovely lovely wings from small wings to really huge ones. The small once are really sweet and the big one is amazing. But I thought it would be better not to have something too big so that it’s easier to move about. Plus I want to pin the wings to the dress rather than wear it by looping it on my arms and wearing it on my back. So it can’t be too big.

And their cost is reasonable too. They range from AUS$23 and above.

They can even custom-make wings. I’ve been in correspondence with Lisa from regarding doing up a pair of wings in the size and I want and in the colour that will match my fairy dress.

I really could not decide because each design was utterly gorgeous. And I had so many questions on what can and can’t be done. Here are some examples of Lisa’s work.

She’s been really helpful and we’ve almost finalized the details. Once I do, in 2 weeks time, I’ll have my fairy wings!

This is so exciting! If the wings are so beautiful on a screen, just imagine how WOW it would be once worn.


Ally said...

WOW! Now, I'm so tempted to gate-crash your fairy wedding!! And so much things to do!! I can't remember being detailed for my own wedding. You're very organized :)
Enjoy the process!

Bubbles said...

Hahaha. Yes it's going to be really fun, drunken and wild. That's why so much time needs to be spent on details to ensure that the wedding runs like clockwork, the alcohol flows non stop, the acts are entertaining or sweet and everyone has a fantastic time.

But I have to admit that I'm more anal than the average person when it comes to events. It takes me months when I plan a BBQ or a pool party. What more this is my wedding. Hahaha!

U can come to KL for the fairy wedding too!

Ally said...

REALLY?!! That'll be awesome!! So, now I have to start shopping for a dress! And shoes... and bag... and jewelry.. and.. oh, it's so fun being a girl!

Well, if it makes you who you are and if you're good at event organizing, you go girl.. be as anal as you want. The results will be obvious that you made the effort.

Is there anything I can do?! Thank you cards? Thank you tags? I dunno I can come up with this one?

Bubbles said...

Yes! Shop for something colourful and floral :)

Nice tags! Maybe u can do the thank u tags to be attached to the wedding favours. But my designed is doing up a wedding masthead which must be incorporated into all wedding stationary. Will share that with you once it's done. But can u do 100 pieces? :)

Ally said...

Colourful and floral... ditto that!

The masthead... would that be a lot of listed sponsors etc? Sorry, I'm not very familiar with masthead...

Ally said...

Yah, I should be able to cope with 100 tags :)

Bubbles said...

Masthead is like a logo :) Sorry, advertising term.

Doing up a masthead incorporating Paul & my initials as well as elements from the fairy theme.

Yes there will be about 10 sponsor logo but that will be on the back drop and website only.

Will brief u on the tags once the designer comes up with the final masthead and design.

Start thinking fairy now! :)