Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Afternoon with Insane Friends

Fruitcake, Michelle Who Stays On The Seashore, Marsupial and I went to the Big Book Shop Warehouse sale at Atria followed by coffee at one of the kopitiam in the mall (there wasn’t a Starbucks or Coffee Bean).

We had a conversation about who among us was the weirdest or the most insane.

Out of the 4, we all agreed that Gerry was at one far end of the insanity spectrum. That’s why she’s called Loony. She’s certifiable too. And I’m the next, that’s why I’m called Loopy. And Michelle Who Stays On The Seashore and Marsupial both agreed that they are not totally insane but they are closer towards the sanity.

Fruitcake and I have a hundred insane stories about what we’ve done together and it’s still funny every single time we re-tell them. Too many to be stated here. We could even write a book on them.

Michelle Who Stays On The Seashore and Marsupial have only a few weird things so we agreed they were a bit more sane than us.

Michelle has a fascination with death and she likes slit wrist songs. And she’s scared of fish, even fish who are small and cute like Nemo the clown fish.

Marsupial bought a car without being able to drive, does not want to dive in case he looked like a penguin when wearing a dive suit, takes 45 mins to shower each time and there are a few more things he won’t be comfortable me stating here for the world to read. Hehehe!

We then began to think about all of my friends and tried to pick up names of people who were totally sane or as close to sane as possible.

Sin Cyn is so motherly and caring most of the time but at an instant can flip and be all cutesy and child-like.

Smelly Slutty Cheryl drinks like a fish and when drunk, she goes around kissing and climbing (yes, climbing as in climb a tree) everyone. The climbing is made easier since she’s small in size.

DJ Chris needs to eat pork at least once a day. If he does not consume pork for breakfast or lunch, by evening, he’ll he incredible scared that he’ll turn stupid and will have to go immediately for a plate of siew yoke fan or char siew fan.

Superstar Raj doesn’t seem to look for trouble but trouble agrees with him. Like the time he came to my pool party, got stripped by 2 gay guys, popped out of the pool totally naked and ran to his bag and bends over to find a pair of shorts while fully mooning my colleagues for a few seconds before running towards the spot light where he’s in full view of the 50 other people. Or the time he went to Samui for a full moon party and got bitten by a snake in the club. And these are just 2 examples. I’ve loads more.

But Teoh really takes the cake. Fruitcake and I first met Teoh through Raj a few years ago at an Oktoberfest event in 1U. After introductions were made, he proceeded to tell us that he likes and has a need to be naked. And that if he takes a dump even in a public place, he’ll need to remove all his clothes and every item on him including his watch. I don’t know what’s weirder – that he needs to be totally naked when taking a dump even in public toilets or him telling people he just met about it. And he recently went camping alone in the jungle just to see if he’ll get scared. He wanted to be ‘at one’ with nature. But I asked him and he verified that the real reason he did it is so that he can be totally naked in the jungle! Or the time after clubbing when were went to Fruitcake’s place and he insisted that we play a stripping game so he had a reason to be naked. And when a friend was a bit shy, he volunteer to strip on his behalf.

So we concluded no matter how insane Gerry is, Teoh beats her hands down.

And we also concluded that while no one is really truly totally sane, my friends tend to be a lil more insane than the average person out there.


Teoh Yew Aun said...

True True

Bubbles said...

Yay to the insanest of us all!

Fieran said...

You sound better :)

Bubbles said...

Thank you! Yes, I am. Work has calmed down. And after all that fiasco, I refuse to let work take over my life. I'll do what I can but I won't let it kill me in the process. Being that ill due to work is just not worth it. :)