Sunday, June 08, 2008

Raj & Diva's Wedding - 8 June 2008

Congrats Raj and Diva on your wedding! Diva looked absolutely gorgeous, as every bride should be on their wedding. Their entry into the grand ball room of the Royal Selangor Club was accompanied by traditional Indian drums and much fanfare. They then did the cake cutting and feeding ceremony. Then there were loads of performances from traditional dances to Hindi song singing to even Indian rap.

Weddings are great places for reunions so I caught up with the Taylorians. We graduated in 1996. Wow that’s 12 years. Sure doesn’t feel like 12 years. And when together, we almost act like time never passed and the same jokes and slag lines we said together would come out all over again. Some things never change.

Paul & I

Wendy, Sri Pickles Baby & I

The gang and some of our partners, minus Sainthan who’s in Romania and hardly talks to us anymore!

L to R: Paul, me, Vignesh, Geoffrey, Susan, Patrick, Raj, Sri, Wendy & Ee.

I was talking about the performances of the wedding to Sri Pickles Baby and the conversation turned to the performances by our Drama Society while we were in college. We sure did quite a few productions. We even did one for charity! And Sri was really famous for singing this ‘Sunrangani’ song where he’ll create a beat by just banging on tables or whatever he can put his palm on and he’ll sing and make up the lyrics as he goes along. It’s funny and everyone cracks up laughing till he sings out your name and adds a bad trait of yours into the song for everyone’s laughter.

Michelle will be singing a song at my wedding. And Paul is inviting a friend who plays the viola at the Philharmonic Orchestra to come play too. And I thought that Sri could come and do his Surangani for old time sake and it’s incredibly entertaining too. We were discussing the details of that when I realized that most of the Drama Society members were on our table anyway so I asked all of them if they would like to perform a skit at my wedding, director by Sri, and they all said yes!

This is fantastic! I’m going to have a song sung, a musical instrument played and a skit performed at my wedding! I love it that all my friends are so involved and want to be a party of my wedding and contribute more than just being a guest. All that’s missing now is a dance performance!

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