Wednesday, June 18, 2008

4 Months Till The Wedding

The wedding is exactly 4 months away!

After our engagement in January, there seemed to be so much time to plan the wedding. Granted I’ve:

- engaged a wedding planner

- secured the wedding locations

- chosen my wedding dresses

- identified a wedding photographer

- confirmed my hair & make up artist

- purchased part of the wedding favours

But I also have to:

- rush all the florists whom I’ve briefed for their quotes so I can confirm one

- rush the wedding planner to get details of the ROM and pastor

- food tasting for the Chinese banquet dinner and cocktail

- order the wedding cupcakes

- look at wedding cupcake tiered tray for the display

- look for old pics for the wedding video

- work with Sin Cyn and Beryl for a second video

- work with Shell to pick a song which she’ll sing

- remind Paul to check if his friends will be performing

- talk to Chris Viva if he can supply the canopy, stage & lighting

- look at fairy lights and candles to set the mood

- do the pre wedding photography

- select & rent a dress with a long train specifically for the photo shoot (my wedding dresses are very simple so I wanted something more elaborate and different for the shoot)

- buy gold shoes to match my dress for the wedding photography

- see a dentist on possible teeth whitening procedure

- buy the other part of the wedding favour

- look for a good wedding website for the e-invite and RSVPs

- see the card printer for the Chinese wedding banquet wedding invites

- review the design work by the art directors for the e-invite

- brief the copy writer on doing up the e-invitations

- do a trial on hair & make up

- look for accessories to match my various dresses for the various weddings

- book spas, manicures, pedicures and facials

- buy the alcohol for all the weddings

- buy wedding bands. We’ve still not found one we like.

- decide on the size and colours of the fairy wings and order them

and I’m sure there will be many other things as the wedding date comes even closer.

With the amount of work I have to do on my day job, there’s only some weekday evenings and the weekends available to do all of the above.

It’s all very overwhelming. I wished I had less work and more time so I can revel and plan the wedding properly.

Thank God for the wedding planner and friends who have been very supporting and have offered their time, services and ideas to make this wedding as special as I know it will be.

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