Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Wedding at Passion Road (not mine)

Apart from the usual hotels and Chinese restaurants which offer cookie cutter wedding packages, there really aren’t that many locations offered to a couple for their wedding.

Ciao was very popular. But their land has been taken away and the last time I saw, the bungalow was about to be demolished. That’s quite sad because their venue was very nice for a garden wedding, complete with a fountain even!

The other very popular place is Courtyard Garden but if you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that I find them unprofessional, tardy and messy and thus they are on my boycott list!

I’m still very glad I found Passion Road. I’ve been there about a dozen times to talk through the details with the manager there and also to show friends and supplier how the set up will be. Melissa is new but she’s been very helpful and accommodating. And now there’s another person, Travis who has so far been great too.

There was a wedding on Sunday and Melissa suggested I go look at the set up to get a feel of what I can expect. It’s really lovely. Just look at the pics.

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