Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not Bulletproof

Even when it seems like a fairly easy day and I think that it’s not that bad, it still can be bad. This time, it’s internal issues. I think everyone is stressed but it’s no reason to snap at your own team members. The Head of Design today was extremely aggressive and snappy at Lola and I. Sure you’re irritated but so are we and the client is the cause of the grievance and not us, but it’s still our fault? Sometimes we hold the fort and we’re the bullet proof vest for the team against the clients. But even soldiers get shot, wounded, fall down and can’t get up again. Especially when the bullets come from the enemy as well as friendly fire.

Our day started early with a meeting at the client’s office. And we were both tired and sleepy in the afternoon but had to deal with difficult internal people. And wanted to go home at 5pm but it’s 6 plus and we’re still here in the office!

There always seems to be something or other to do in the office. And we never get to leave early. I’m tired.

Oh something else is broken … or will be soon…. My PC. It takes forever to retrieve one email or open a document!

There’s so much negativity surrounding me. I don’t like it but I don’t know how to shake it off.

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