Monday, June 16, 2008

It's No Walk In The Park

I’m in pain! In an effort to be more healthy, and based on the agreement that Fruitcake, Ed, Paul & I made while clubbing in Bamboo9 last week, we decided to get off our lazy asses and stick to the plan.

Paul & I woke up at 7am on Saturday, got dressed and hopped into the car. On the way, I called Fruitcake to make sure they were up and on the way too.

We drove to the Taman Tun Park (not the one with the small lake but the hilly one for serious runners. Yes, we’re ambitious) and thought that there would be an issue with parking. But there were lots of empty lots as people were leaving since they’ve FINISHED their run / jog / walk. And we’re just arriving.

We were surprised to see so many young people among the old. Shouldn’t they be in bed after a night on clubbing on Friday? Fruitcake made a good point. These were probably not the type of people we hung out with during our clubbing days. Such different lifestyles.

Anyway the 4 of us started walking up the hill. We reached some kinda guard house and mentally prepared ourselves for a long walk. After a few minutes, Fruitcake and I were slightly winded but were glad to finally reach the top of the hill. That’s when we saw the word ‘START’ painted on the tarmac. This is the start?!! Then what was the walk up? A warm up?

Talking a deep breath, we started walking, first with Paul and Ed at the back of us. But we were too busy talking and catching up so they guys went ahead of us so that we had someone to follow in terms of pace and don’t drop too far behind.

We went up hill and downhill and up again. I said hello to some monkeys. Then we went downhill. And around a bend. Paul was wearing this Camelbac back pack which held cold water and there was a strap hanging from the bag. I kept on trying to catch up so that I can drab and hang on to the strap so he could tow me up the hill. But I couldn’t even get within 15 feet of him!

Fruitcake and I talked even less as we got more and more winded. We just concentrated on taking the shortest path possible like walking in a straight line if the patch was not too winding.

We went up and down again and we finally arrived back at the guard house where we first saw the word ‘START’. So we made it after all!

It was tough but we made it. And I’m glad we made it. It felt good too. Tiring but the fresh air was such a great change.

We drove around the corner to Jaipur where we heard had great tosai for breakfast.

But I’m in so much pain now. From my hips to my outer thigh to my calves. They really hurt especially after I’ve been seated for a while and get up to walk.

But its good pain and we’re planning to make the walk a weekly affair. It was tough waking up in the morning but once you’re out there, it feels like such a waste to sleep the morning away. We completed the 5km walk on Saturday. We’ll aim for the 9km course after a few more times of going.

Fruitcake and I were just saying that the very fact that we’re doing the walk showed just how much our lifestyle was changing. In our previous life, we’d be going home at 7am AFTER clubbing and not up and ready for a walk.


chief said...

you shouldn't strain yourself the very 1st time. your body needs adjusting, at any 1 time, you could have torn any muscle and you'll be out of commission at least 6 months. not very nice when your wedding is around the corner. try cardio for the 1st month. 3 times a week would be best. just walking, if you got a gym membership or a treadmil at home, just walk at a fast pace for 30 minutes. you need to reach a heart rate at 151bpm for people in our age. like chinese proverbs, "don't run when you don't know how to walk". walking up hill requires resistant training, there's where all those squats, cycling...etc comes in. try jogging around the park 1st, then you could see a significant jump, the next time you conquer the hills, then you might be set for conquering mt kinabalu. happy walking.

Bubbles said...

Thanks. Yeah it was the first time but it was good. Pain was present but it was good pain. Looking forward to going again this Saturday. Less talking. More walking. And swinging of arms cos need to work the upper body too. Hoping for a fitter and stronger body by October. Climbing Mount Kinabalu will be great but not too high on my priority list. Maybe it'll change once I can do the 9km walk in the park easily. Then all that's missing is a tan for the wedding :)

Fieran said...

Darn. I am jealous. I've been running 2-3 times a week in an effort to get rid of my tummy - but no success :( I hate my tummy. Argh.

Bubbles said...

Where do u run Fieran?

Wow. 2-3 times a week? I wished I had that kinda commitment. One Saturday is hard enough.

I hate my tummy too. After years of unsuccessfully getting rid of it, I've accepted it as part of me. I don't have the energy or will to have a wash board stomach.

Ally said...

I bought running shoes 3 months ago. It still smell new, in the box. I've been very busy with my hands though...

Bubbles said...

Exercising is something that's very hard to do. Takes a lot of will power and friends to push u to do it.

Glad u have been busy with your hands. How's sales?