Friday, June 20, 2008

Woke Up Tired

I woke up today tired.

I snoozed for more than an hour till it was 9am and I knew I had to get up for work whether I liked it or not.

But it was hard getting out of bed cos my thoughts immediately went to the things which I needed to do today and over the weekend for the wedding, for the house renovation and for personal which is:

- Call Melissa of Passion Road to tell her I’ll be there tomorrow and will bring Chris Viva to recee and to look at positions for the stage, back drop and the canopy.

- Confirm with Chris and his supplier about meeting at Passion Road.

- Call both Val from As You Like It and Mng from MNG Bouquets and chase them for quotes and see if they want to join me at Passion Road for the recce.

- Look for accessories to match the wedding dresses for the photo shoot.

- Look for wedding bands. Or custom make one.

- Make appointment with dentist for teeth whitening and other dental work.

- Check with Fruitcake if she’s going running this Saturday in Taman Tun. If no, will have to push and cajole her to go.

- Call Amex to get them to set up an account at Galaxy Lights so that I can use my card there when I buy lights for the new house.

- Check with the lawyers if final payment can be made so that I can start renovations.

- Check with the contractors on their quotes.

- Contact to get wireless broadband. With so much to do, I need to constantly work on the go now. Izzi's package is much cheaper than Maxis Wireless Broadband.

- It’s Looqy’s birthday today! Need to send her an email and an e card.

- Go with Paul to make his wedding suit tonight.

- Go running tomorrow in the park tomorrow morning.

- Pick Paul up while he drops his car in to get fixed.

- Make appointment at Strip and go get my legs waxed.

- Book hotel & take leave for next weekend cos Paul & I really need a break from constantly running around doing all of the above.

The above is for today and the weekend alone. It’s no wonder I’m going nuts.

Only consolation is that Sin Cyn, Michelle Who Stay on the Seashore and I are now going for lunch in 1U to look at wedding shoes.

Didn’t I just buy 2 pairs of wedding shoes yesterday? Yes I did. But a woman can never have enough shoes. What more it’s for a wedding.

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