Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Domesticated Mellow Bubbles

Just a couple of months ago, I was wondering when my clubbing streak would end. I've been clubbing for 15 years and most of my friends are either married (some with kids) or still going out but doing the chilled out wine sipping thing. And I showed no signs of slowing down. In fact I was gaining more momentum. I was so bored, contantly needed to meet new people and therefore clubbing was the answer even though deep down I was getting bored of clubbing itself. But there wasn't any alternatives to weekend activities then. None that I was interested in anyway.

But lately, friends have been telling me that I've mellowed. I'm still me - still bouncy and still high, but seem to be on a different type of high. Another friend also pointed out that once you've found the love of your life, that's what happens automatically. U'll wanna stop going out so much, do more 'couply' things, do more sedated activities and stay home more and enjoy each other's company. Wise words indeed from a friend who's been married a few years.

It's so true. I've now experienced it for myself.

Paul and I checked into Le Meridien last weekend for a short getaway. After dinner at Chynna @ Hilton, he asked if I want to pop by to Zeta which was just a few yards away from the resturant. I said "no" and that I rather go back to the room and watch TV.

And last night, Paul said that I've not clubbed for so long and whether I'd like to go clubbing that night. Here , I have to explain that Paul is not a clubber at all. But there he was offering to bring me anyway cos he knows I enjoy it. And what happened? I said no yet again, I wasn't up to it and that I wanted to go home to pay PS2 and watch a DVD. Sin Cyn smsed to say that she was gonna be at Somo which is the bar right where I live and i even said no to that.

And once again today, Paul asked me if I wanted to go clubbing tonight. And I said "Probably not. How about a movie instead?".

What's going on here?! I've been invited to go out clubbing 3 times by my own boyfriend and I said no every single time? Bubbles is finally mellowing down and becoming domesticated. To a level that's shocking to my friends and myself alike.

But I'm not complaining. I knew this day would come. And guessed that it would probaly be brought about when I meet someone whom I'm totally happy and contented with and whom will fulfil me in more ways than one, causing me not want to look for artificial or short term highs.

I do look back at my clubbing days and have great memories of them, espcecially the years at Viva (who could forget Viva?). I'm sure I'll still club when there's a big enough event or occasion. But it's no longer a need in my life. I'm happy to leave them as wild memories and move on to a new phase in my life.

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