Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Irritating Single Digit Car Registration Numbers

Recently a few cars with single digit car registration numbers have been irritating me on the road. Trying to bully Zach! Cutting into Zach’s lane … WITHOUT signaling. How rude! They are namely:

WEF 7 Black BMW X5


MAY 4 Silver Mercedes

Encounters with both those cars were in the Mont Kiara area. MAY 4 was a few days ago. WEF 7 was just this morning.

Who do they think they are? Single digits ….. so they are important? Rich? Rubbish! They are rubbish drivers and the cars should be taken away from them and they should be made to take the bus. May the fumes of the bus fill their lungs and may the smoke darken their faces. Idiots!

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