Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wijay Knows Simon

Yes I know the world is small. These days whenever I meet someone new especially when the person is not introduced by a friend, I’ll automatically assumed that we’re linked by a minimum one degree of separation, assuming this happened in KL. A few questions which are usually:

1. Where do you work / what do you do?

2. Where did you study?

3. Where do you club?

would elicit the link. If not, a search on Friendster usually reveals the person who makes the link. And more often than not, there’s more than one person who’s our mutual friend.

But this one today took me by surprise.

A friend read my blog and found out that they knew Wijay. For fun, this person gave me a photo of Wijay from way back in 1984. I scanned it and mailed the pic to him. He now wants to know who gave me the photo or everyone in the photo ends up in the obituary. That explains why I’m so vague about describing this someone. I asked Wijay what makes him think the person who gave me the photo is also in the said photo. Wijay is now a very frustrated man.

Wijay named everyone in the photo correctly. Down to the surname. He must have a very good memory.

But he asked if Cedric Gan gave me the pic. And Cedric wasn’t even in the photo!

But the name did ring a bell cos when I was living in SS2 as a child, I lived right next to a family with 3 boys – Cedric, Simon and Ian Gan. And it was the same Simon he was talking about.

The world is small but it jolts me when I make a connection from 30 years ago.

I’ve since lost contact with Ian Gan (we’re the same age I think) but used to play in the playground a lot. So if anyone reading this knows a Ian Gan who used to live in SS2, buzz me!

And Wijay is still pissed off. So funny.

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