Friday, March 23, 2007

Ants in my Kettle

I’ve had this problem where a group of black ants like to commit suicide in my blue electric kettle. This is a common occurrence in the past few weeks. Whenever I boiled water and the water has cooled, I’m bound to find a bunch of ants in there. Some are swimming, some are floating but they are mostly dead.

I’ve washed the kettle out several times but these ants seem to like diving in and dying. I don’t understand it. Why does it happen and why now?

I’ve consulted a few websites.

Some say that the ants just want water. If so, can’t they just go to the sink or toilet?

One site says that rubbing lemon on the kettle will keep them away.

I shall try that this weekend and will let you know if it works.


dreamer said...

thirsty ants and boiled watr tastes better? maybe the kettle is just closer then the bathroom and less risky from an ant POV

Bubbles said...

They stopped coming! They mustve read my blog and knew i was upset. Good lil ants. Go far far away and play