Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bubbles Non Clubbing Version 4.0

Was thinking of what to do this weekend. And I came up with this list:

  1. Watch movies at the cinema
  2. Watch DVDs at home
  3. Play PS2
  4. Bounce on the ball in the gym (I’m not a big fan of working on the actual machines)
  5. Play in the playground and pretend that I’m 7
  6. Make use of the wonderful swimming pool at Paul’s place
  7. Have a mini barbeque party in the fragrant garden at Paul’s place
  8. Play ping pong
  9. Take long drives for good food
  10. Take short day trips
  11. Cook dinner at home
  12. Stay home, have coffee, smoke cigarettes and chat

That’s quite a list. The most amazing thing about the list is that “Clubbing” isn’t on it. I didn’t even consider putting it in until Paul asked if I wanted to go clubbing this weekend (I’m sure he’s just teasing by the amount of times I’ve said “No”).

I’m really looking forward to doing all those non-clubbing activities. I’m sure my friends are all in shock. I’m in shock myself. But it’s also something I feel a natural transition towards.

This is Bubbles Non Clubbing Version 4.0.

Bubbles Non Clubbing Version 3.0 wasn’t that long ago. But I’ve a feeling that Version 4.0 is here to stay.


dreamer said...

Ooohhhh BBQ. I can marinate some lovely lamb chops for you if you like. Version 4.0 is great too btw

Paul said...

hehehe... kekeke... hahaha...

lanatir said...

train ur ping pong then u can play with me

Bubbles said...

Dreamer - Am totally loving Version 4.0. :) Also looking forward to lamb chops. How about we marinate some meat in Guinness too!

Lanatir - I don't wanna play with someone who beat the Sabah team! Plus i think you'll get frustrated with me hitting the ball over once then you having to go pick up the ball after that.

Paul - I love u!

Paul said...

I LOVE YOU TOO BABE!!! Now, Always, Forever & Eternity...

lanatir said...

i didnt beat the Sabah team. i said i gave good fight to someone who used to be on the Sabah team plus i am so rusty now