Thursday, March 01, 2007

He Bought Me Hats and Pulls Rabbits Out of Hats

After dinner last night, my darling and I walked into Gap where he tried on a nice pair of cargos. He also wanted to buy me a Gap cap too, since I bought him one before this. While at the cashier, I spotted a beret. I always wanted a beret! Not many occasions to wear berets here in Malaysia, I know. I was choosing between the cap and the beret when he took both items and promptly paid for them. I didn’t need both the cap AND the beret but I did want them. Hehe! My darling pampers me so much.

And not only that, he is constantly pulling rabbits of the hat to make me laugh and keep me entertained. Friends know that I bore very easily but with my darling, that’s not happened, not even for a fraction of a second.

An old friend once told me, the guy whom I’ll finally end up with is one who can constantly keep me entertained. And I’ve finally found him. Didn’t think there was ever such a person out there but I’ve been proven wrong.


Uni said...

It's great to hear that you found your another half. Hope to receive your 'red bomb' soon then.

Uni said...

Oh! Forgot to let you know I'm Zoe. :P Cheers!!

Bubbles said...

U'll receive it when the time comes ;)