Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 hours Meeting, 5 Hour Report, 2 Hour Debrief

I spent 5 hours yesterday in a meeting with the client which ended at 10pm in their office.

The only consolation this time is that they ordered pizza. Which came with Coke thankfully. Or we'll be starved and parched again.

As soon as the meeting was done, I got into my car and drove home while some stayed on for a few drinks.

As soon as I got into work this morning, I went out for another meeting. And as soon as i got back, I had lunch then spent 5 hours writing out a report for the meeting yesterday.

And there after i spent another 2 hours debriefing the team on the meeting and discussing next steps.

This means I've spent 12 hours in a meeting, reporting on that meeting and debriefing about that meeting.

So where will I find the time to do any work resulting from the meeting?

This is so counter-productive. And totally ridiculous.

And the client asks us why it seems that nothing gets done.


Anonymous said...

Going back to your earlier post, of whether its worth it. Well, is it? How do you keep yourself going? What would you really like to do, if given a chance.

Bubbles said...

No it's not worth it for sure. But there's many reason why I need to push on, at least for a lil while longer. Your question has made me think. In fact, I'll put up a post and I'll answer u there. :)

Anonymous said...

If things are tough right now, I'm sure it won't stay that way forever. And who knows, maybe you're next line of work will be crisis management. :)

Bubbles said...

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!