Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Day At Work

Today is my last day at Euro. Woo hoo! Freedom!

Don't understand why I didn't quit any earlier.

Now I can look forward to coffees with friends, spas, manis & pedis, catching up with friends, Facebooking more, try and finish reading all the books I've bought and so much more.

To not have anything else waiting for me later on is both scary and liberating.

But I'm going to enjoy what I can while I can.

1 hours 40 mins and I'll officially be work-free!

For now, I'll while away the time at Starbucks with my MD and my ex Account Director.

Yay! I'm outta here!


Mirebella said...

Good luck Bubbles!

Anonymous said...

So what now?

Bubbles said...

Thanks Mirabella!

Bubbles said...

I stop to smell the roses, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, catch up with friends and the list goes on. :)