Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcoming 2010 with a Bun in the Oven

Happy 2010 everyone!

Hope that 2009 was good to you and that the new year will bring even more love, joy, peace, happiness and every success to you.

My blog has been quiet for such a long time. And that's because so much has happened in the last 6 months.

I started a new job in yet another big ad agency.

I turned my event planning hobby into something real and have since planned one wedding with 2 more to come in 2010. We are in the midst of a product research and will be working on a PR launch. Together with Fruitcake, we have set up Bubbles & Fruitcake Event Planning, specialising in wedding planning but we do all aspects related to events. More info here:

And this is the biggest news of all. ..... I'm going to be a mommy come July 2010! And it's going to be a Tiger baby.

And so is Fruitcake. Yes we planned to get pregnant together so this is very exciting.

I've been lying low not just on the blog but in my everyday life too. But now that the initial shock is over and I've settled into a routine, I'm feeling much more myself.

So I shall post up some of the most eventful moments in the past few months. Enjoy reading the come back of this blog and the back dated posts from the last few months.

From psychotic trice-a-week clubber to married woman to mum-to-be. All within just a span of 2 years. Life is a constant change and it just gets more and more exciting.


Raj said...

Congrats yummy mummy on the little putty-tat that will be popping out later this yr.

Tiger babes are ABSOLUTELY da best! I should know (or be biased) since i am ONE as well...the difference that i am ONLY *ahem* 3 cycles ago (So God Help ME!)

Cant wait to see the lil Tiger has any similarities with this Old Tiger.

Take care and continue to have a smashing start to 2010!

Mirebella said...

Congratulations!! :))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. What an eventful year for you. Are you planning on becoming a full-time event planner eventually?

Mei Li said...

Wow congrates! I can imagine a cool mum in the making! :)

Grace said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm glad you are still updating your blog. Pls continue to update us on your life and business. Good wishes always. - Long time reader

Suzanne said...

Hi Bubbles! Happy New Year. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!!

And... CONGRATULATIONS on your preganancy! Hope it is going on well and looking forward to you sharing your experience.

Congrats also on your first wedding anniversary and new Events Management venture. All the best in the new year and years to come.

I'm as bad as you on updating my blog and will prolly do the same with backlog posts. :P

Welcome back and looking forward to more posts!

Fieran said...

Congratulations, you must be elated. Hope all is going well for you :)

Bubbles said...

Raj aka old tiger but still a Superstar! - Thanks so much and let's see if this lil baby tiger is as happening as the old tiger who is just begining to peak at his superstardome despite being 3 cycles older!!

Mirabelle - Thanks!

Anon - Yes. Maybe. It's in the plans. Hehe. Right now concentrating on full time work and also the baby and a new change of life that's coming.

Mei Li - Thanks so much!

Grace - Thanks for the encourangement! With so much happening, it's not easy to juggle all that needs to be done.

Suzanne - Thanks! I'm very excited and I will do my best!

Fieran - Yes i am. Very much. Thanks! :D