Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Burger King Sri Hartamas Closes Down And Now I Want A Burger

Drove past the Shell in Hartamas and saw that the Burger King had shut down. I do like their burgers even tho I only go there about once in 6 months. But now that they are closed, I find myself asking Lord Gaga where's the next nearest Burger King. I do feel like a Mushroom Swiss Double now. Why is it that humans want what they can't have or when it's no longer there?

Hmmm could be linked to the fact that I love having a pool, BBQ area, playground, sauna, gym, tennis courts, chill out area and the usual amnities within a condo even tho I hardly use them and despite paying for their maintainance every month. It's a nice-to-have and I know I'd feel deprived if they weren't there even if I had no use for them and no longer paying for them.

Us humans are a funny lot.

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