Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Aydreane has Jaundice

I'm totally fine and can check out .... I keep on saying 'check out' instead of discharge because the hospital room is so nice and service is great so it feels like a hotel.

But poor Aydreanne has jaundice. 3 out of 5 babies these days get jaundice. In fact, every one of my friends' babies had jaundice.

The paedetritian recommended that Aydreanne go for the photolight theraphy and that we stay on in the hospital as boarders since I was breast feeding. We agreed because which parent would willingly leave their newborn baby in the hospital?

We brought Aydreanne to the nursery. They stripped her down to her diaper and placed some wool over her eyes (this is really 'pulling wool over her eyes') and placed her tummy down in a basinette and under the blue light. She began to cry. Then I begand to cry. Then she screamed louder and I wailed louder.

Poor Lord Gaga didn't know what to do.

Finally we all calmed down and we left her there and tiny and red and under the blue light. I went back to my room to cry.

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