Monday, December 06, 2010

Marsupial's Wedding in Kuching

What a beautiful day to take a drive to the airport.
And what do we do as soon as we touch down to Kuching? Eat the famour kolo mee of course!
Then Aydreanne meets dear old Suzi Quattro.
And Aydreanne gets and ang pow!
Baby A, Lord Gaga and I at St Joseph Church with Marsupial the groom and good friends Michelle Who Stays On The Seashore and Alicia Looqy.
Baby A is not impressed with the scorching heat.
Ah but we can entertain her with phones. I think she'd like an ipad.
1am and wide awake!
And how do we end our trip to Sarawak? With Sarawak Laksa of course! This was in a coffee shop called Goody! Haha! And it really was pretty good. This big bowl with huge prawns was only RM7. Cheap by KL standards but the locals disagree.
On the way to the airport, we stopped by to Paul Si and Reena's kampung. Guess what this is? A dragon fruit tree! I've never seen one before and never in my wild imagination would I think a dragon fruit would come from this catus like tree.
And what about this strange creature? It's a duck ....... that is not found in water! The kampung folk must be thinking this city girl is nuts to take a pic of our pet duck.
Baby A is such a great flyer. We're on our way home to KL!

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