Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holidays In The Next 3 Months

The work days are finally getting easier. I’m not working as late and the days are not as intense, nor as stressful as usual. This is how the month of December should be. It will be too much to ask for snow but easy, relaxing, festive weeks leading up to Christmas would make me happy too.

Paul and I will be spending Christmas in Singapore and will be there for one whole week. There will be a bit of Boxing Day shopping since friends tell me that the sales are totally crazy and worth it. It’s been a decade since I used to make yearly pilgrimages to Singapore for shopping so I’m totally out of touch. And there will be lots of catching up with friends and a little bit of eating since generally food in Singapore cannot match up to the overall taste of Malaysian food. Unless you’re talking gourmet….then, they’ll beat us hands down.

We’ll be back in KL to celebrate New Year Eve in KL with friends in the Fragrant Garden in Paul’s condo. It’s going to be a BBQ among a small group of friends with good food, good company and of course plenty of booze. I’d now much rather this than to be stuck in a club with far too many people….. or stuck in a traffic jam trying to head from one New Year Eve party to another and end up doing the countdown in the car.

Then in mid January, Paul and I are off to Bali for one week to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We’ve booked 2 lovely private villas with pools and I can’t wait to enjoy the tranquility of our own villa as well as tanning and surfing on the beach. Fairy who just came back Bali also recommended swimming with dolphins and that’s something else I want to check out.

And after one week of being back after Bali, I’m off to Krabi on a company trip. Last year, I lost the fight to a Group Account Director who chose to go to Chiang Mai since he’s into mountainous jungle terrain. So this year, way before anyone even asked about a company trip, I did the research, pitched it to the CEO and sealed the deal. I believe more of us would want the beach and fun in the sun rather than being up in a mountain yet again. Well, I know I do anyway. The more beach holidays, the better!

Then CNY will be upon us. More holiday and good food.

And in mid March 2008, Paul & I will be in Chiang Mai with his family.

I’m loving the next 3 months!


aruri said...

You're going places girl! I just came back from Krabi and had a great tan because the sun was blazing every second of everyday when we were there.

Have fun!

Bubbles said...

Fantastic! Any personal recommendations on where to go or what to do? The people here will probably be too drunk or hung over to do much except sit on the beach or in their rooms to recover .... but it will be nice to know what to do there if people are sober enough to at least walk in a straight line. Yay!

aruri said...

The main area is Ao Nang which is a long row of shops and eateries, probably the only 'happening' place for drinking, eating and shopping. In front of it is the Ao Nang beach which is usually crowded with longtail boats. Water is rather clear but I find the sand too rough. The best beaches are out in the nearby islands and there are plenty of tour operators along Ao Nang that comes in packages eg 5 island tours, kayaking tours, jungle tours ( for trekking and to Emerald Pool) etc. It starts at 9am and you're back by 5pm. If you guys can't wake up that early, you may probably charter your own longtail boats to any island you desire with a flat fee. Recommended beaches/islands are Hong Island, Poda Island, Railay Beach, Phra Nang (you can go kayaking into caves, I heard it's beautiful but too bad I didn't go this time). I hope that helps!