Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Day Off in a Usual Work Week

What a glorious day was yesterday. Being a public holiday for the state of Selangor only, it’s great to have a day off when everyone else is working.

After watching 8 episodes of Desperate Housewives Season 3 the night before, I woke up about noon yesterday upon being woken by Michelle Who Stays on the Seashore. We headed to La Bodega Lounge and met Sin Cyn for lunch. Ashley joined us for coffee then the girls trooped over to a new massage place on Telawi 3. The masseuses were from China and they used some kind of pressure point technique. Sin Cyn and I got the head and foot massage and it felt gooood.

Once done, I went to Starbuck Plaza Mont Kiara to meet Diver Master Jon.

What an enjoyable & stress free day. If only all days could be like this.

On second thoughts, maybe not.

It’s nice to be a tai-tai once in a while especially when you get a whole day to yourself in the middle of a work week. However, if I were to do this every day of every week, I’ll be bored mindless.

I don’t understand how tai-tais do it. What do they do if they don’t work? Lots of them go shopping. But I don’t like shopping. And once I buy stuff, they just pile up at home and create clutter. And spas? I love spas but you can’t be doing scrubs and rubs every single day right? And morning coffees and hi-teas with other tai-tais I guess. I could do that but can see it getting boring after a few weeks of the same thing. And I’d feel incredible unproductive.

Days off like these are nice when you value it enough. And you can’t appreciate a day off if you get one everyday.

That said, I do wish a weekend was either 3 days long. Or we were given a day of per week whenever we choose. Now that, would be perfect.

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