Thursday, November 29, 2007

Club Monaco Launch @ Pavilion

After a week of pulling our asses out of our beds before the sun comes up to go to KL to attend the Diageo Way of Brand Building training, it finally ended on Thursday of last week.

And I came back to the office with a back log of work plus new jobs which I’ve been staying late to complete.

So it’s only now that I’m about to blog about what we did AFTER the training.

We celebrated by drinking at the new La Bodega at Pavilion. There were several rounds of Tiger Beer, after which Sin Cyn, Cheryl Smurfette, Annie Boobster, Paul & I headed to the launch of Club Monaco.

It was all very glam. Once your name is ticked off the guest list, you step onto the red carpet. But this red carpet, covered about 400sft outside of the store. Guess they wanted everyone to feel like VIPs.

The event was grand with a lot of pretty looking men and women.

As soon as we walked in, we were served champagne which is always a good thing.

We then nibbled on popcorn on chocolate sticks and white chocolate shaped like corals and dipped into dried strawberry. Very yummy and interesting morsels of food catered from Lafite.

Then I discovered that they had a single malt whiskey bar upstairs. Which was of course why I parked myself on the upper levels. Which was a good thing cos that’s where I met many advertising and production who’s who. I also met many from the media, publications, fashion houses and even Bank Negara. Bumped into a lot of friends too.

My only problem now is watching the name cards to the faces I vaguely remember in my head.

Here’s some pics of the clothes and the food.

The clothes were simple but very stylish. The pieces I picked up averaged at RM400 a piece. ‘Picked up’ meaning ‘lift up to touch the material’ and not buy. Hahaha!

I do like the clothes and am planning to go back there to have a good look. Kinda hard to try on dresses with a drink in one hand, a tuff of cotton candy on a chop stick in the other while waving to friends and trying to extract a name card from a very tiny clutch to pass to a new acquaintance.

And here’s some pics of when the beer, champagne and single malt whiskey decided to gang up against us.

This is what happens when you drink too much, Sleepy Smurf!

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