Monday, November 12, 2007

Bring the Meatballs Back!

Ikea is not only known for their furniture but their food too. Besides furniture and food, I often go to Ikea to :

- play with the animals (and try not to bring any back with me though Ashton, the Minnen Ratta, put the guilt trip on me so I had to bring him back home and I now love him to bits)

- walk around when I’m bored and end up buying something small which I don’t need but is cute so I can’t resist like the jigsaw puzzle shaped ice cube makers

- take a nap on the beds or sofa beds

- do a sales pitch and try and sell a sofa bed to the customers

- sit in the ‘living room’ with friends and pretend I’m hosting a tea party

Today, Michelle Who Stays on the Seashore, Sin Cyn and I went to Ikea for lunch. We already knew that the Ikea Café no longer served the Swedish meatballs, though we don’t know why. We heard some rumour about it being not halal. Anyway, the last time we were there, the meatballs were replaced by something else that I can only describe as flattened meatballs. They tasted about the same but it was slightly crispier, due to the shape.

We headed to the café today and there were no meatballs! Flattened or otherwise. Ikea is famous for their Swedish meatballs! How can they not have it on the menu?

I asked the server who told me that it’s simply no longer on the menu and he doesn’t know when it will be brought back. I asked the cashier and she said that there’re a problem with the supplier.

I then called Ikea Customer Service and they put me on hold so many times. They really should not call themselves Customer Service. I’ve just emailed them instead. I need an answer. They need to bring the meatballs back. I’d really like it if they would offer both the traditional meat balls and “meat flatties”. Maybe I’m asking for too much but just bring one version back.

And they need to take the sign out from the car park area.

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