Friday, November 09, 2007

Holiday - Private Villas in Bali

I’m feeling sleepy. Very sleepy. It’s such a non-productive day at work. Well I’m in the office but I’m not working. My mind is stoning.

Doesn’t help that I was out till late on Wed at Clear & Thurs at Attic.

So Sin Cyn and I went for an aromatherapy foot massage in Urban Retreat at The Curve during lunch today. It cost RM39 for half hour and it was so worth it. I almost fell asleep. Now we’re planning to go for a 1 and a half hour full body massage the next time we are able to have a long lunch (massages are cheaper during working hours).

And talking about massages, I can’t wait to go to Bali and spend a few hours in spas everyday!

My holiday to Bali with Paul is finally confirmed! After several emails, calls and SMSes to Ashley of Nazar Travels, we’re going to Bali!

I’ve been to Bali several times but it’s still a place u can return to again and again as a holiday destination. It’s got so much to offer. I was contemplating between Bali and Samui during New Year but the good hotels in Samui have compulsory New Year Eve gala dinners which costs up to RM800 per person! And the peak season surcharge was high for both destinations

So we pushed it 2 weeks later which also coincides with our 1 year anniversary.

For RM1,800 each, we’re staying 3 nights in Villa Dedaun in Legian and 2 nights in Santi Mandala in Ubud. Each private villa is large and has its own pool.

I can’t wait to surf, get a tan, go for spas and sip cocktails every single day while we’re there!

Check out the pics of Villa Dedaun. The pics of the place was what sold me on Bali this time. Finally, no more tan lines ;)


aruri said...

I absolutely love Bali too! I love the villas, I love the impeccable service and hospitality they give and I love the markets! Gosh I have a soft spot for wood and stone carvings. It's such a relaxing place to be. Have fun girl!

Bubbles said...

Yeah not to mention the surfing and the beach! The Bali trip is what's helping me survive work and last the next 1 1/2 months till year end. I've not been for this trip and I already know I want to stay in Nusa Dua and Seminyak during my next trip!