Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Halloween 2008! With Pics!

As promised, here are the pics from the Halloween Party.

Sin Cyn trying on the pirate cum Zorro type hat & mask.

I'm smiling under the mask!

Sin Cyn said I scared some old ladies walking around with a extra fluffy bright orange pumpkin wig.

Then 8 of us went Trick or Treating, unlike last year! More fun but it also means I get less candy! And here's my bounty. Lotsa sweets and candies, a few paper clips, a pack of chips, RM2+, one tennis ball and one pillow.

Guinness marks the start of the party in the office.

Mini Mouse makes an appearance. She's smoking tho. Not good for the Disney family image.

A fairy, not The Fairy in the dark.

A must for Halloween!

A fairy, pirate & pumpkin.
Pumpkin, fairy, Pinky and Smallie according to height

Casting a spell!

The devil and the gargoyle.


Dunno who Boobster is trying to be.

And I don't know who this is.

There wasn't enough Guinness so Lara Croft got violet and took it out on a poor unsuspecting alkie.

Pinky just took it out on herself.

By the way this was a secret party and not many know we sneaked into the office so don't tell anyone!

Enjoy these pics. The office is closed for the afternoon so we can all prepare for the Kancils tonight. More (very drunken) pics will be posted up.

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