Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ikea Called Regarding the Missing Meatballs Within 24 Hours

After 2 emails from me and a long follow up email from Jasmine, I received a call from Ikea! They explained that there was a problem with the quality of the meatballs and they are sourcing for a new supplier.

Unfortunately they were unable to tell when the meatballs will be available again.

They probably think that Jas and I are some kinda psycho meat ball lovers who’s experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Swedish meatballs.

I’m slightly surprised they called to follow up. On one hand, I expected them to call because they are an international company but on the other hand, customer service in Malaysia is so crap (I’ve still not received any word from BAT despite informing several friends who work there. I could write in formally but quitting seems like the better idea) that I’ve learn to lower my expectations.

But bottom line is that they did call to follow up within 24 hours. That’s pretty amazing.

I now hope that they have the good sense to reply my email inquiry which I also CCed to 20 other friends.

Only then will I be convinced that Ikea’s customer service is on par with international standards.

I’m contented enough for now but I hope they bring the meat balls back soon!

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