Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time For Facebook

I finally have a bit more time in the office and can play with Facebook again.

I’ve deleted a whole lot of applications which I’ve installed but no longer use. And have clicked the ‘Ignore’ button on the new application invites umpteen times in an effort up to clean up the programme and only keep the those which allows me to keep in touch with friends through common interests.

Since I had time, I did the ‘What Drug Are You Test”. The result:

You are "Mushrooms"!

“Why does everything need a definition? Why must society insist on labels? Why can't we all, as a people, decide that life is about living, and that all this hatred and fear has no place in today's society? And why is that couch talking to me?”

And that’s so true about me. Especially the couch talking portion.

I also did the ‘Lesbian Test’ and the result:

Amanda is an Anne

“Whether she's a lesbian or not depends on the day of the week. Or how intoxicated she is"

And that again is so true! Strangely my current boyfriend and also my exes do not like the idea of me kissing a girl. So I’ve refrained from doing it now when I’m on an alcohol buzz.

The funny thing is that many women are like that especially when under the influence. I believe that everyone, both male and female, have a bit of gay tendencies (being homophobic could be a sign of being afraid that if they get close to a gay person, they may turn gay themselves). It’s just a matter of how much they are willing to take it. And sleeping with the same sex does not necessarily mean that you’re gay.

And my current favourite application (besides Fluff Friends) is Visual Book Shelf. Problem is that I can’t recall all the books I’ve read. I’ll start with the ones I do recall then will go back home to look at my book shelf and key in the titles.


KY said...

facebook rocksss

Bubbles said...

It does. Plenty of fun when u have the time. And plenty of 'ignoring' when u don't. Haha!

aruri said...

Honestly, I don't know how to use Facebook much. My left panel is filled with 'invitations', requests', 'quiz' , 'superpokes' etc but I just get stuck. My old brain can't take too much applications I guess... hahaha.

Bubbles said...

Don't worry about it. The most essential part is that it connects you to your friends. U can ignore the other application becuase it does get too much at times especially when u have not time for them. So just use it to message friends, connect to other friends and update your profile for your friends to get updated on you.

Facebook is much more widely used than Friendster by those around the world. I've been 'found' by schoolmates I've not seen for 20 years. Facebook is pretty amazing in connecting people.