Monday, November 05, 2007

Saatchi & Saatchi is Agency of the Year!

Saatchi & Saatchi wins Agency of the Year at the Kancil Awards! By then, we were onto our 20th bottle of Moet and trying not to fall off stage though I heard that 2 people actually did that. Yes you do know who you are. I just can't find anyone who took a pic of it. I'll check the Adoi website since the photographers were lined up facing the stage.

And these are some of the pics from before the walk up onto stage and before the alcohol madness.

Cyn was bored in the car. We were stuck in a jam on the way to the Kancils which were held in Sunway Resort Hotel this year. No one likes this venue for the Kancils but i suspect that Shangri-La has banned us after the amount of damage done to cutlery, crockery, furniture, furnishings and people in the past few years.
We finally arrived! Cyn, Shell and I decided to take a shot before we got smashed. This is in the car park lobby.
The pre-party at Cafe Flam with Cindy & Adrian.
Cyn & I with the planners - Salt Boy who's left Saatchi (do u regret it now??!) and May Leen who's leaving soon.
The alcohol has begun to flow. Darren, Bubs, Kenny, Boobster & Dawn. Saatchi had 7 tables and each one had a few bottles of Moet. No wonder those from other agencies were hanging out with us!
Marsupial, Shell & I. Marsupial is bored. Your first Kancil is boring cos you don't know many people especially if you're in a smaller agency or one which isn't picking up a lot of metal. By the time u hit your 5th Kancil, you're jaded and bored. That's why the alcohol must flow! Then everything becomes fun again and everyone is your friend.
Cheryl the Smallie likes girls when under the influence. I'm not posting pics of her doing other stuff to girls cos I'm nice. Hehe!
Pic with Tina, my ex AD. Do u see Smallie the monster behind?
Sin Cyn & I with the bosses. They are not only important cos they are our bosses but cos they pay for the very many bottles of Moet, vodka & wine.
Darren the intern is the first casualty. Totally passed out.
Aaron is doing something strange to Passed Out Darren while Sin Cyn and Sin How eggs him on.
If only Passed Out Darren wasn't passed out. He'd have enjoy that. Okay maybe not the cheek pinching but the lap dance...?
Apparently Boobster and I always take a shot like this every Kancils.
Wow .... i look sober and this was at the after-party in Wabisabi.
This is a drunk Andrea. When we have pics like this, it always means we had a great night.

This is the first time I'm in an agency which won Agency of the Year. I'm so proud of Saatchi & the Guinness team! Go Saatchi!


aruri said...

Looked like you had a fabulous time. What a glam job you have! All I do is hold test tubes... *yawn* Keep pictures coming!

Bubbles said...

It looks glam and everyone who's NOT working in advertising see that. What ppl don't see is the long hours, stress and the need to put your job above all else. Maybe that's why we get all the addition side perks like a beer full of fridge, monthly parties in the office and every so often, an open bar in an club we choose. Hahaha!

What do u do? What test tubes?

aruri said...

I'm a laboratory slave. I put on boring white labcoat and work on proteins. Perks? ABSOLUTELY minimal stress! Ah well, everything has its perks and peeves hey...

Paul said...

lab rat?? kekeke... kidding... just poking my nose in here...

Bubbles said...

With a stressful job comes excitement.And vice versa. We can't win in this. Gotta choose between one or the other.

The Mama said...

Wow, congratulations! all the more reason not to have children.

Bubbles said...

I know! I'm so not ready! But then again I've been partying for 15 years and I can feel the party spirit within me wanting to wind down. Guess marriage n kids is the next move ... but when I'm really and truly ready. Good thing my clock ain't ticking yet..... maybe I don't have one to begin with ...