Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Heineken Extra Cold Launch @ Velvet

Here are more pics. This time it's from the Heineken Extra Cold launch held at Velvet last night.

I looks like I'm partying but the beer team and I were there for work! Really! The client invited us to mingle, PR and try out the new beer.

With the Boobster and Lols.

The beer team and the client. We're missing Smallie aka Little Monster aka Smurfette.

With Sin Cyn and the Fairy.

Siew Yee of G2 loves Heineken! Helps that there was free flow that night.

The big bosses of Guinness Anchor Berhad and the Heineken girls.

Heineken in a ice casing. Some people were licking those ice cases while others were wiping their palms on it.

Close up of the new Heineken Extra cold bottles. These come in bottles and on tap. The liquid is exactly the same but it's made to be served at 0C - 3C whereas normal beers are served at 4C. This also makes the taste smoother and less bitter than the usual Heine. I'm not a beer person but i gotta say that this is quite yummy. Beer should never ever be served if it's not icy cold.

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