Monday, November 19, 2007

Diageo Training & Traffic Jams

It took 20 minutes for me to get to work today. That’s twice as long as it usually takes. That’s because I wanted to come in earlier to work today to check on work by 9.30am before I leave for my training session at 11am.

Diageo owns Guinness and they have training sessions for all personnel working on all their brands. Their marketing staff as well as advertising agency personnel alike attend the training for all their brands which includes Guinness, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys and more.

The training will include an understanding of how they come out with the briefing template for agencies to work on jobs as well as product tasting. Yup, we’ll be sampling (or downing for some people) all the different brands and variants of their alcoholic brands. But I don’t intend to be high until after 5pm each day. Such a good and sober girl!

The sucky part is that if we want food in the mornings, we gotta be there by 8am. The training session starts at 8.30am everyday. Which means I’ll need to wake up by 6.30am and be ready to leave the house at 7.15am! I know that this may be the norm for some people but for me, that’s madness!

I hate being woken up. I like to wake up on my own and at my own body clock time. I already find it a struggle waking up at 9am to be in at work by 10am. What more waking up at 6.30am? Just because there are traffic jams. I hate traffic jams. They are such a waste of time. So far I’ve managed to find jobs which allow me to go to the office late and leave work whenever I want so I’ve managed to avoid traffic jams. At least that’s 95% of the time. And I schedule meetings so that I hardly need to sit in jams either going to the meeting or coming back from it.

It’s for this reason that I have a rule that I my home and office should not be more than 15 minutes drive away from each other during normal circumstances. This means that I’ve ruled out working in downtown KL. Unless they triple my salary. AND include perks.

And since I’m in KL for the next few days (and I’m hardly in KL cos of the jams), I may as well stay there in the evenings and enjoy the night life there. And avoid the traffic jams of course.

So there won’t be any more posts from me till at least Friday.

Have a good week everyone!

I’m off for my Guinness, vodka, whiskey and other assortment of alcohol.


aruri said...

It took one and a half hour for me to get to work today... and hmmm, every other day in fact, on average. Sucks...

Angeline said...

tat's a very good rule to have--to work not more than 15 mins away---who wants to spend their life sitting in traffic anyway?

Bubbles said...

So that's 1 1/2 hours to get to work and about the same time to get back home from work? So that's 3 hours in a jam! 3 hours which could be spent sleeping, watching TV, reading a book, or having coffee or a drink with friends!

aruri said...

Exactly. My perspective on time is different from most people now. When someone whines that they wasted half an hour for a journey, I'm like..what's the problem dude! Anyway, the jam is not 3 jams. An average jam would take the most 20 minutes. It's the entire journey which means I live far far away from the causeway, but that's about to change when I move to UDA.